We have been part of your history for 30 years

Our History

In 1985, based on a city named Ouro Verde de Goiás, Rancheiro began its successful history producing toasted and ground “pillow” Rancheiro. The new coffee pleased the consumers and overcame the expectations of acceptance, occupying a prominent position in the region's market. Little by little, the company acquired and created new brands of success, such as 3 Powers Coffee, Gold Drop Coffee, Docê Coffee, Anapolino Coffe and Qualycream, keeping its rise on the market.

Over the course of its tragetory, the company endeavored and invested to attend different preferences, please more accurate tastes and assure the maximum satisfaction of consumers. For this purpose, a line with more five products with different contents and grains was created.
Committed to the taste, Rancheiro coffee brings carefully selected grains to the market, that are analyzed in laboratories, forming a blend with a high quality content and assuring a drink of the highest level. Nowadays, the company is placed on the biggest and most modern industrial park of the state, using a technology that improves the quality without damaging the environment. Besides that, Rancheiro coffee has selling teams working in the best establishments, allowing that clients taste all products with ease, facilitating how to choose at the moment of purchase.



A well done roasting is an art, afterwall the taste and aroma appreciated in the coffee are closely linked to the quality of its process. During the roasting, the heat triggers a serie of chemical reactions, causing the transformation of starches into sugar, the appearance of some types of acids and the elimination of others. The basic cellular structure of the grain ends up disintegrating, causing it to explode like popcorn. Then, the proteins are broken up, becoming peptides, which emerge through the surface in the form of oils. The aromatic oils, which are found in the center of the roasting, are soluble in water and transport the tastes and aromas present in a good cup of coffee.
The roastings of the brands produced by Rancheiro are done from the characteristics of each raw material, extracting the best from each grain, then you can choose among mild, strong, light or full-bodied coffee.

The Grinding

Rancheiro uses roller mills that heat less and preserve more the aroma of your coffee.


The oxygen causes the oxidation that takes away all the aroma and taste of our coffee. Because of that, the packages are very important to assure that the consumer takes the best coffee to his house. If you prefer the traditional “pillow pack”, that soft package that looks like a pillow, it is necessary to be aware. The ideal situation is that the package does not exhale any smell. If you smell any odor it is because the package is drilled and the oxygen is coming in, which provokes the oxidation of coffee.
On the other hand, the vacuum or aromatic valve packages have almost all of the oxygen extracted and, because of that, its useful life is extended to more one year before being opened.

Our Products


Rancheiro uses the best technology for treating, selecting and roasting the grains, offering to its clients a totally pure coffee, within all standards of hygiene and without any manual contact.